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Pita Makes The World Go Round

Cloud-like, fluffy, easy-to-fill… 
Not the words you’d use to describe the pita you’re familiar with?

That’s because you’ve never had Angel's!

angel bakeries pita bread

People all over the world are swapping their slices for pockets.

Why? Because they’ve discovered a pita that is anything but flat and flavorless.


Gone are the days of dry, crackling flatbread that hardly holds a meal.

Five generations of breadmaking in Israel has resulted in what you taste today: heavenly pita that is light as air and yet sturdy enough to hold all your tasty fillings.

But don’t just take our word for it.

“We believe they produce the best pitas in the world”

– Chef Eyal Shani

Anything Sliced Bread Can Do, Pita Can Do Better

Think beyond the plain turkey sandwich and opt for a pita that packs a punch.

pita bread for sale

Packed with Personality

Explore our different flavors and see how our pita stacks up against your average supermarket pita!

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