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Say no to preservatives, flavorings, unnatural ingredients, and hello to a healthy & effortless option for the…

On-the-go parent tired of fighting battles over uneaten sandwich crust (kids love our pita)!

Work-from-home kitchen epicure that can’t stand one more sad desk lunch.

Solo gourmand that is over dinner options that require 20+ fussy ingredients.

The vegetarian that is looking for a new vehicle for all their delicious vegetables.

Our Products

Inside our pitas you'll find nooks that absorb all your favorite sauces & dips. Enjoy this leak-free pocket stuffed, or rip it & dip it as a delicious snack on its own!

angel bakeries classic white

Classic White

A delicious blank canvas for your favorite fillings! Keep these on hand and use as a healthy alternative to buns, Kaiser rolls, and processed bread.


Stuff them to your heart’s content, rip & dip, or top and bake like you would a pizza!

angel bakeries whole wheat

100% Whole Wheat

Sweet on whole wheat? This hearty variety is a customer favorite for breakfast sandwiches, wholesome salads, hummus & vegetable dips, and so much more.


Added bonus: the boost of fiber will help keep you satisfied longer than your typical sandwich bread! 

angel bakeries spelt


Exclusively at our New York and New Jersey Whole Foods locations, this ancient grain really knows how to surprise & delight!


Our spelt pita brings both flavor and health to the table, making it a great everyday staple.

angel bakeries whole foods

Step Aside, Sandwich Bread! This is a Job for Pita.

Pita Preparation

With its crannies and cloudlike fluff, this is the closest thing to freshly baked pita you will find! Out of the freezer and a few moments in the microwave is all it takes. This way, you’ll never have to throw out another loaf due to maleficent mold.

To master the perfect ratio of pocket to stuffing, don’t be afraid to pack your pita with extra filling. This is one pita that won’t break under the pressure! Our pockets can hold big fluffy falafels, thick juicy chicken breasts & burgers, and several servings of your favorite roasted vegetables.

Pack em’ for picnics, tailgates, backyard BBQs, and dinner on-the-run. Our leek-proof design keeps your fillings out of your lap and your stomach happy.

angel bakeries logo

Our pitas are...

Hearty, nourishing, and substantial enough to hold all your fillers

Oil free, making them a great low-fat option for all

Void of icky chemicals or preservatives, flash frozen for optimal freshness

The Other Guys' pita is...

Flat, rigid, and hard to fill without falling apart

Made with oil and are about half the weight (resulting in more calories per oz)

Shelf-stable, which requires added ingredients to prolong the freshness

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