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About Angel Bakeries

Our story begins in Jerusalem 1927, with Salomon the flour merchant and his donkey-pulled cart. 

angel bakeries

Every day the locals would come to his cart, buy their flour, and return home to make their own pita for their family. A beloved staple of Middle Eastern cuisine for over 12,000 years, the humble pita has always been a vehicle for vibrant flavors and spices.

It wasn’t long... 

before the cart turned into a bakery turned into a worldwide brand.

Today, Angel’s Bakery in Israel produces 350 different types of bread, cakes, and cookies. 


But there is one type of bread that steals the show every time...


Yep, you guessed it! Pita.

angel bakeries pita bread

Our pita recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and over the years we have consistently converted bread slice lovers ready for something new.

Demand grew so much in fact, that we decided to make our second home here in the U.S. and opened our doors to the people of New York in the spring of 2013.

Now our pita is used for everything from family favorites like ham sandwiches & burgers to gourmet grilled cheese & bahn mi. 

Angel’s Bakery remains a family-owned business that operates worldwide

To ensure the freshness & flavor of our pitas, they are made with care in New Jersey and immediately flash frozen. Pop them in the microwave and enjoy one of the oldest traditions in the world! 

angel bakeries pita bread

Discover our products

With a heavenly taste & texture, you can't go wrong with any of the pitas in our lineup!

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