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A Pita is Born in New Jersey: Write up in Taste Cooking

"In a former White Castle bun factory in Carteret, New Jersey, thousands of pitas are freshly baked every day to ship to restaurants and Whole Foods around the country.

Written in thick orange chalk on the thin strip of green chalkboard that hangs above Miznon’s counter is a proverb of sorts: “Each pita has got her unique birthmark, like you.” The restaurant, Israeli chef Eyal Shani’s tribute to mashed-up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern street food, located in New York City’s Chelsea Market, is best known for its folded cheeseburger and whole roasted baby cauliflower. But the unsung hero behind both of these dishes is a fresh, warm, Angel’s Bakery pita—baked almost nonstop in Carteret, New Jersey."

Written by: Michael Harlan Turkell

Published: Taste Cooking, A Division of Penguin Random House LLC

Angel's Bakery Pita | Taste Cooking

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